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How to become more feminine: female art


Recently, the topic of femininity and attractiveness in the eyes of men has become very popular. There are many trainings, courses and master classes that are ready to teach any girl the art of being feminine in the shortest possible time.

To understand basic concepts and get some recommendations on how to become a feminine and well-groomed girl, this article will help.

Beauty and grooming

To look beautiful and well-groomed, it is not at all necessary to spend a day on a visit to various beauty salons, cosmetologists and other specialists. By following the tips below, you can remain a well-groomed lady, spending only a few hours a week on this.

  • The form. It’s enough to maintain muscle tone to look attractive. Do not plague yourself with diets, trying to reach the notorious 90-60-90. A curvaceous girl with toned shapes looks much more advantageous and well-groomed than a thin lady with flabby muscles.
  • Leather. Perfect, even skin is considered one of the main indicators of a lady's well-being, therefore, use means to protect and moisturize your face and body skin.
  • Hair. Hair should be clean with a neat haircut. Do not allow the emergence of overgrown roots, if you use hair dye, they give a sloppy appearance as a whole.
  • Manicure. Women are much more likely than men to pay attention to their hands. To look elegant and stylish it is enough to do a manicure once a week. Give preference to the classic version.
  • Wardrobe. The clothes of a stylish lady should be matched according to age and figure. Make a basic wardrobe that can be supplemented with fashionable novelties. Experiment with accessories.

A well-groomed appearance is the main sign of a real lady, however, no beauty in itself will make a girl feminine and elegant.

Femininity and tenderness

To become feminine, first of all, you need to understand what is included in this concept. Any man will say that a feminine girl is the one you want to protect, you want to look after her and take care of her. She is tender, fragile and sensitive.

Having figured out the concept, we can distinguish several internal components that men directly associate with the image of a feminine girl.

  • Naturalness and openness. A smile and an open look attract attention, cause a desire to speak with the interlocutor. It is also very important for men to understand that a girl is able to listen and support.
  • Emotionality These include body language, laughter, voice. The ability to convey the entire gamut of feelings with only a voice or a careless gesture is associated with grace and seduction.
  • Recognition of a man as a leader. This item includes the ability to softly yield in a dispute, and the creation of conditions when a man understands that he is the head and protector. It is important to make it clear that his presence in the girl’s life is necessary and significant.

Compliance with these small recommendations, some adjustment of your behavior and style will help to achieve the desired result, and the question of how to become a feminine and well-groomed girl will not be so relevant. And confirmation of this will be male eyes in love and an attractive and gentle reflection in the mirror.

So how to become more feminine inside?

I think it’s not a secret for anyone that some activities fill us (with both physical and purely female) with energy, some - deplete its reserves. However, before talking about what women's activities help to become more feminine inside, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the main secret of femininity, its main ingredient is LOVE. Moreover, love is “giving”. Any action taken by a woman with love, with care for others, makes her more fulfilled, happier, more feminine.

So, the simplest, most accessible for each of us, and at the same time the most energizing feminine activities are as follows:

Do not think, I'm not an ardent enthusiast and cleaning fan. Yes, I tried to introduce the Fly Lady system in my life, I cleaned the house according to Marie Kondo, etc. None of this worked in my life as much as I could. Because I'm not a fan of cleaning. Cleaning for me is not an end in itself. And for no one should be her. The goal of cleaning for a woman should be to create a space of love for her loved ones.

If we talk about my experience, I can say that in the process of mastering various methods of cleaning up and cleanliness, I often still could not force myself to do much of the necessary. But as soon as I looked at cleaning as a way to live a freer life (when the house is clean and there is at least a relative order, the mind calms down, the person has a better rest, the ability to concentrate, etc. improves), and also as a way to serve my loved ones, I instantly fell in love with this occupation. From the category of tormenting, it passed into the category of very pleasant. Studying my feelings, I felt and many times after became convinced that when the cleaning is done in order to serve her family (and herself), she is very happy, she reassures, she makes it possible to feel like a real guardian of the hearth, a real fairy, a princess. Therefore, in order for the cleaning to fill you, to help to become more feminine inside, you must invest love in it. Otherwise, you will not just not be filled with energy, but rather get tired.

  1. Cooking.

Now almost every second photo in my Instagram account is related to food (my nickname @polinkaaamalinka, sign up, I’m always glad to meet new people and have good communication). The irony is that I never really knew how and didn’t like to cook))))) And I just didn’t like it, but I always considered cooking as hard labor))))) And now photos with food, as a rule, gain more likes, than my other publications))) What is the secret of such changes in me? My secret is love in the heart.

When wondering how to become more feminine inside, you may ask, “What does cooking have to do with it?”. I will answer. When a woman makes cooking solely her duty, part of her routine (and we have to cook every day, where can we get the joy of the process), cooking often becomes painful and in no way fills it. And on the contrary, if a woman tries to cook something tasty and healthy for her family, puts her soul into the process, then the level of female energy rises. In addition, preparing healthy food with positive emotions for ourselves, we contribute not only to the health of our body, we also nourish our souls with good feelings.

With needlework, I always had the same situation as with cooking))) For the labors at school, I was awarded the top five only because I was an excellent student in all other subjects. Embroidery, knitting, sewing for me almost always finished my mother and her friend))) I wanted a quick result, and needlework is always a long process. And only many years after graduating from school, having begun to study femininity, I felt all the charm of the impact of needlework on a woman. And it turned out that it fills with female energy just because it is a long and monotonous work. Monotonous work calms the mind, eliminates internal throwing. A nice bonus to a pacified mind and female energy pounding over the edge is a pretty skirt or a beautifully decorated element of the apartment’s decor)))

When wondering how to become more feminine and tender inside, remember that true femininity is the ability to fill with love and magic the simplest, most everyday things. Learn to make sense of doing housework, as well as any other women's affairs. Learn to turn your every action into a sacred ritual, and you, without noticing it, will turn into an amazingly feminine and, most importantly, an incredibly happy woman!