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Poodle Care


The beautiful thick coat of a poodle is one of its main decorations and breed standards. Timely grooming of the poodle’s hair will help keep the coat thick and shiny, and the skin healthy.

Thanks to the correct combing, washing and cutting, the dog will always look well-groomed and healthy, take prizes at exhibitions. Performing a set of procedures, you need to use special shampoos, balms and combs.

How to care for a poodle's hair

The poodle’s coat has its own peculiarities: it grows in bushes from one hair bag (“sheep’s hair”). During molting, dead hair does not fall out, but becomes tangled in curls. Therefore, the dog needs to be combed out 2-3 times a week with a large comb with rare teeth, apply a massage brush.

It is recommended to wash the dog once every 2 months, using special shampoos. The poodle is also washed before shearing, the mittens are cut with scissors or a mitt cutter. To maintain a neat appearance, wool on the face and paws can be trimmed with a manual machine (trimmer).

If you want to grow cords for a pet, comb it only in puppyhood. When the poodle's hair changes, the puppy stops combing, and the hair begins to curl into natural curls. The cords are simply neatly disassembled with your hands so that they do not get entangled in one clutch. String poodles are bathed less often.

How to wash a poodle

Puppies can be washed from the age of three months, 1 time in 2 months. Pets of this breed love to swim, calmly react to the procedure. Bathe the dog with warm water (30-40 degrees) in the bathroom or in the shower, shampoo or laundry soap.

Before washing the poodle, you need to thoroughly comb it .. Koltuny comb or cut. It is recommended to close your ears while bathing with cotton swabs so that the liquid does not get into the sinks (this can cause inflammatory processes). After washing, the dog is thoroughly wiped and dried.

During drying, the dog is combed at the same time. Dry the hair with a hairdryer, directing a stream of warm air under the strand extended by the brush. Thus, the hair is stretched and straightened, which ensures ease and accuracy of cutting. It is better to bathe the dog in the evening after a walk, so that by the morning the pet’s coat will dry well.

What shampoo for a poodle to choose

In order to facilitate combing after bathing and make the pet's coat soft and silky, special shampoos and conditioners are used for washing. The catalog of the Zooset online store provides a large assortment of products for caring for dogs of different breeds. The catalog contains popular “8 in 1” shampoos, products for bathing short-haired and long-haired pets Pchelodar, hypoallergenic AVZ shampoos and much more. The assortment also includes conditioner balms.

Poodle Care

Experts advise washing the poodle twice a month. However, dirty hair gets mixed up faster, and hair becomes brittle and grow poorly, so it is better to wash the poodle regularly and often. To wash a pet, do not get a full bath of water.

First you need to put a rubber mat on the bottom of the bathtub so that the dog is not slippery. The dog is given a little time so that it is not afraid and can calmly look around. Then gradually open the tap with water and adjust the temperature of the water.

The dog’s coat is moistened with water and a shampoo is applied, then the foam is washed off and the shampoo is applied again. After washing the shampoo, apply balm - rinse. This will make it easier to comb the hair after the washing procedure.

Poodle Care

Character Features

For the successful maintenance of a dwarf poodle, it is necessary to understand its nature in order to provide it with everything necessary.

The breed is distinguished by a special intelligence and quick wit, captures the slightest changes in the mood of people, and lends itself well to learning.

In the upbringing of the dog, games aimed at improving mental activity must be present: this can be a game of hide and seek, toys, or offense (obedience program).

A dwarf poodle is characterized by a wary attitude to strangers: he can bark at them, but should not show open aggression.

When raising a breed, you will have to be patient: loud sounds and noise can scare a sensitive dog, and a scream in the form of a punishment will make a poodle puppy hunted and cowardly.

Scandals in the house between people also adversely affect the animal, and if the family cannot boast of a good relationship, then they should not acquire a representative of this breed.

Successful socialization of a puppy requires regular communication with a person and interaction with other animals.

For purchase, you should contact a good nursery, where they observe the correct adaptation of animals.

Puppies are kept up to 30 days with their mother, regularly talk with them, pick up, show other people.

Isolated from the outside world, the dwarf poodle will grow up closed and nervous, therefore, before choosing, you should collect reviews about the nursery and its owners.

How to care for a pet

Among the representatives of the breed, two types are distinguished, differing in the structure of the coat:

Curly. Dogs with a dense coat formed by elastic curls.

Cord. The dense wool of which forms peculiar cords up to 20 cm in length.

Dogs purchased for home maintenance can be sheared regularly, creating a variety of hairstyles.

In extreme heat, wool can be sheared off altogether; this will not affect its quality.

The advantage of dwarf poodle hair is the absence of allergic reactions, but for this, it must be clean.

Bathing is done 2–3 times a month, dogs purchased for the soul can be allowed to splash around in natural reservoirs.

Show dogs from such procedures should be abstained - the wool will wrap itself in tassels that will have to be cut.

A dwarf poodle is combed daily for 5-10 minutes. Accustom him to this procedure should be immediately after the acquisition in the nursery, so that in the future he patiently endured the process.

To care for a dog, one should choose the right cosmetic products to prevent stalling and facilitate grooming.

The eyes of a dwarf poodle are regularly inspected: they must be shiny, without smudges and tear.

If redness or discharge is noted, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

In the kennel, you need to learn about hereditary diseases that can be transmitted to the puppy from its parents.

The hanging ears of a dwarf poodle are also a special concern of the owner: poor ventilation provides a high risk that there will be water left, so they should be carefully examined.

For large sulfur emissions or an unpleasant odor, you should also consult a specialist and consult for further care.3

Often a poodle has problems with the anal glands, and if the situation arose once, then you will have to clean it regularly.

The claws are trimmed 1 - 2 times a month with a special tool, then the barbs are smoothed with a file.

Paws are washed after each walk on the street, and examined for cracks or injuries.

Dog food ration

The food of a dwarf poodle is selected by each owner individually, depending on the taste of the dog.

But it should be remembered that you can’t change the dog’s diet immediately upon arrival from the kennel. All changes are introduced gradually.

The kennel, cherishing its reputation, will provide all the information of interest to the future owners, and talk about the conditions of the puppy.

When using dry food, it is necessary to clarify the brand used in the nursery and acquire an identical one.

For natural nutrition, the following products are used:

Meat. In raw form, the dwarf poodle is given only beef, all other species are boiled and finely chopped before feeding.

Sea fish. Instead, they give meat 1-2 times a week, pre-boil.

Porridge. The obligatory menu item is cereals, they improve digestion, provide energy for vital functions, and provide vitamins and minerals. Buckwheat or rice is preferred.

Vegetables and fruits. They are given raw, and banana and apple are taken from the fruit. Legumes and potatoes are excluded from vegetables.

The diet can include fresh and sauerkraut, various types of green salads, celery, tomatoes, nettle and greens of young dandelions. Before adding to the diet they are pre-crushed.

Vegetable oil is added to the food.

Eggs are included in the diet no more than 2 times a week.

Dairy products are especially beneficial for puppies. They are given to animals without prior heat treatment. The daily dose is from 100 g to 1 liter.

During the period of active growth, the dog is prepared with calcined cottage cheese: in 1 liter of boiling milk, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of calcium chloride. Discard the resulting mixture on cheesecloth, allow to drain, then feed the dog.

Water. A required component in the dog’s diet. There should always be clean fresh water in the bowl; during the hot season, its amount is increased.

There should be no sweets, cookies or sweets in the diet of a dwarf poodle. It is acceptable to give honey on the tip of a teaspoon.

Before the introduction of additional vitamin and mineral complexes, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will help you choose the best option.

A dwarf poodle is unpretentious in care, subject to daily care. If you allow 10 minutes a day to comb your pet, you can avoid unpleasant tangling of the hair.

Properly selected care products will facilitate the washing of the dog and its subsequent combing.

A puppy should be purchased in a specialized nursery, where all the conditions of adaptation are observed: this will help to seamlessly accustom him to life in a new family.

During the upbringing, one cannot allow raising the voice, and even more so the cruel treatment.

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In general, we can say that the representatives of the breed are not very easy to care for, especially because of the wool. But what is 10 minutes a day when it comes to your favorite pet.

In the video presented, the expert will talk about the features of caring for the poodle's hair, and also give recommendations on the necessary tools for haircuts and combing.