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What is a nail polish marker for express manicure


Let's start with the basics - with the application of varnish. This simple scheme repeats the six steps of professional nail masters.

A little workout and your manicure will be no worse than a salon.

Do not attempt to dry the varnish near the fan. Draft can provoke bubbles on the coating and will not dry out the nails to the end. It is better to use ice water. Wait a couple of minutes for the fresh varnish to set in the air, and then hold your hands under running water or in a bowl.

Do you suffer from nail polish quickly breaking off? Next time use the special "bonder" base. The matte and slightly rubber surface adheres perfectly to the varnish and extends the durability of the manicure.

How to restore the whiteness of nails after a dark or bright varnish? Bloggers advise a minute hand bath based on hot water, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and a pinch of soda. If this method does not help, then try rubbing your nails with a brush with whitening toothpaste.

The secret of professionals: to get a cleaner and brighter color, use one coat of white varnish as the base.

Do you want shiny nails? Then apply the first coat of varnish with blotting rather than leveling brush strokes. This will help to distribute large glitter evenly and get more shine where needed.

The varnish is very quickly chipped off or erased from the tips of the nails. What if there is no time to completely change the coverage? Take a contrasting shade and draw “checkmarks” in place of the spaces. Do not forget about the top layer to even the surface of two varnishes.

The quickest way to change a boring manicure is to draw something on top of the varnish. You can experiment with permanent waterproof markers, but look for those that write on any surface, including glass, metal and plastic. And you can buy special markers for nail design, for example, Nail Art Pen Sally Hansen: color options are useful for decorating nails, and a white shade is created for the perfect French manicure.

A quick way to get an ombre effect without using a sponge or sponge. Apply one color, not reaching the tip of the nail, and immediately add a second shade to the free part. While the varnishes have not dried, mix them with a brush.

You can quickly create a trendy striped manicure with a rigid fan-brush. The secret is to apply several shades of varnish successively for a volume effect.


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Varnish in the marker: a breakthrough or failure?

To leave the comfort zone is one of the ways of personality development, from which it does not at all follow that one needs to abandon basic conveniences.

Nail polish, promises advertising, one of the most convenient options for creating express manicure. It’s impossible not to be tempted, because time is the most valuable resource, and we are ready to pay for any opportunity to save it.

Especially when the opportunity is affordable, as is the case with varnish markers.

The advantages purchased with a felt-tip pen convince better than advertising:

  • such a varnish will not break or spill, unlike a competitor in a bottle,
  • a felt-tip pen can be put in a purse and used literally on the go,
  • thanks to the applicator, the varnish is carefully applied and does not stain the cuticle.

And, yes, the marker contains real varnish, not water-soluble paint. In general, with such an accessory you won’t get into an awkward situation of “nails without manicure”. If you need to look good to the very ends, and there is no time or nowhere to bring beauty - it will help out.

Using a marker is a beauty. Shook, pressed, made up. However, first things first.

Although the nail polish marker is a remedy from the category “made up and went,” if time permits, do not neglect the procedure for preparing nails. A beautiful shape and a neat cuticle is half the success.

  1. Having filed the nails, apply the base. This step is optional, but to protect the nail plate from the penetration of pigment and lengthen the time to wear a manicure will definitely not be superfluous.
  2. To apply color, press on the tip of the felt-tip pen. Press until the applicator is completely saturated with varnish and a drop appears on the tip. The procedure takes an average minute, after which a uniform supply of paint from the tank is generated.
  3. While applying even pressure, paint over the nail plate, maneuvering the applicator over the surface and not touching the cuticle.
  4. After making sure that the paint has dried and the varnish in the marker dries on average a couple of minutes, apply the top, thereby protecting the coating from sudden chips and cracks.

It all looks decent and reliable. One caveat - do not wait for resistance. Honest one or two days, the varnish from the marker will quietly serve, but, they say, it is not capable of more.

On the other hand, the age of life of any express manicure is short-lived. If you want strength and durability - gel polishes are at your disposal. No one has canceled.

In your purse: an overview of the top lacquer markers

It was decided - it’s worth a try, if only to feel like a little girl who does not care about unemployment, mortgages and early wrinkles. He picked up a felt-tip pen and flew away into a carefree childhood. The brand does not matter.

Felt-tip pens are similar in form and content, which can be seen by comparing two popular products. At different prices - in essence, twins.


MINI MARKER by Ciate is a nail polish pencil with which you can begin your acquaintance with felt-tip pens. For a modest price, the English brand CIATE LONDON offers a compact pencil with which you can cover the nails on two hands 20-25 times.

Feeds paint a minute after pressing. It is moderately obedient and does not lash if acted quickly. It is well pigmented - a layer is enough to get an intense color. It dries quickly - after 2-3 minutes you can go about your business.

There are 5 fashionable shades in the line - plum, pink, coral red, violet blue and green with a hint of a sea wave. The varnish does not require the use of a base (and does not cancel), but needs to be closed with a top.

Of the inconveniences - a rectangular applicator, which is problematic to draw the perfect line for the cuticle.

The approximate cost of 280 rubles.


By the way, CATRICE was the first to introduce lacquer markers to the market. Actually, the price of a felt-tip pen eloquently says who is the trendsetter and the ancestor of the idea.

As for the product, the Katrice marker lacquer fully and completely reflects the concept of express means for manicure.

It is applied quickly and simply - shook, pressed and paint. The texture is fluid and comfortable to work with. Dries in a couple of minutes, and sits on nails for up to two days. Of the six shades of the palette, you can always choose the right wardrobe and mood.

All operation questions are intelligibly and detailed described in the instructions. Yes, the tip of the applicator, like the CIATE felt-tip pen, is rectangular.

Actually, the markers are identical in design, which leads to the popular idea of ​​"not from one barrel."

The approximate cost of 495 rubles.

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With all the advantages and conveniences, felt-tip pens do not withstand competition with ordinary varnishes, which are superior in their density and durability. As an option, express or on the road - you can take it. Analog application is debatable.

However, the truth is born in the dispute, which means that the appearance of the next novelty is not far off, which, we hope, will become a peremptory alternative to everything that we paint nails today.

The principle of design performance with felt-tip pen

  1. Base varnish is applied to the nails, on which it is planned to make a drawing. It must dry completely before drawing.
  2. Next, the felt-tip pen needs to be thoroughly shaken and pressed on a hard surface so that the acrylic enters the tip of the marker and extrudes well with minimal pressure. Now you can do the drawing.
  3. Since the base of the marker is acrylic, its drying speed is the same. Once the drawing has dried, apply a fixative over it so that it does not rinse off with water. That's all!

From personal experience using

  • When the felt-tip pen is new, you should try hard to squeeze out the paint and start drawing. Press it several times and wait until the paint appears.
  • When the paint is over, it will not be possible to replenish the felt-tip pen with it, so it is better to buy a new one, especially since they cost not so much - only 50-100 Russian rubles.
  • It’s convenient to draw dots, stripes, curls and even do French manicures for nail design pens.
  • Colors can be found standard, as well as acrylic paints, but mix them will not work. To begin with, I acquired white and black - those colors that are most often used in practice.
  • My white was not able to cover the dark color of the varnish, so keep this in mind when buying a marker for nail design light color.

Below you can see my work with the help of such a felt-tip pen.

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3. We erase varnish quickly

In the nail departments of cosmetic stores they sell various products for quick nail polish removal. They are bubbles with a sponge soaked in cleaning fluids. You do not need to drive cotton wool over the nails: just lower the nail into the bottle and wait a bit.

Such a tool can be done independently. Take a small glass jar, place a sponge cut to size and soak it with nail polish remover. The principle of operation is the same.

5. Bleach the nails

Sometimes colored varnish is absorbed into the nail plate, leaving behind an ugly yellowness. You can get rid of it with a whitening toothpaste. Take the old brush and brush it with your nails.

But so that such incidents do not happen at all, do not forget to use a base coat before applying the main varnish.

8. We make varnishes ourselves

If you have few varnishes or you can’t find the right shade in the store, you can do it yourself. You will need colorless varnish and mineral shades. They dissolve perfectly in varnish, while you can adjust the color saturation.

Also in homemade varnish, you can add various sparkles.

16. Protect the skin

By applying a stamping or gradient to the nails, you can greatly stain the skin around. We already wrote that in this case a special latex varnish will save. But if you don’t have one, use PVA glue: it also forms an easily removable film.

17. We eliminate the shortcomings of manicure

To paint nails and not to stain the skin around them, especially on the right hand, is quite difficult. But it does not matter if this happened.

Take a thin brush, soak it in nail polish remover and erase blemishes. Unlike a cotton swab, the brush does not cling to the varnish and does not leave fibers.

18. We draw patterns on the nails

If the eyeliner has dried up or just did not fit you, do not rush to throw it away. Her excellent elastic brush - as a rule, there it is - can be used in nail design to draw thin lines.

Some girls even use regular stationery markers for nail art.

22. Replace the dots

Dots is a wand with a tip in the shape of a metal ball. With it, you can create various patterns on the nails.

If you do not have a dots, use improvised tools. For example, safety pins, toothpicks, empty ballpoint pens, and so on.

23. Doing French Manicure

French manicure looks feminine and fits almost any occasion and along. But not everyone can draw a smile line for a jacket. The video shows several ways to do this neatly.

In addition, the tips of the nails can be distinguished using ordinary stationery gum.

Just pull it around your finger and apply white polish. This is a budget alternative to special vinyl stencils.

29. Shake the varnish properly

What do you do before you open the bottle with varnish? Shake it well so that it is less viscous? Fine! Just do it right: put a bubble between your palms and roll it.

If you shake and turn over the varnish, then when applied it can go to bed with bubbles.

30. Save the thickened varnish

Favorite varnish began to thicken and already lays badly on nails? Put it in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes, and then shake it well.

Some manicure artists generally recommend storing varnishes in a cool place so that you can use them until the last drop, and not throw away dried bottles.

If you have your own manicure difficulties, be sure to share them in the comments.