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DIY Christmas garland: ideas and patterns for cutting


New Year is a cozy and joyful time when we decorate our homes and have fun with friends and family. And to create a festive mood, you can not do without suitable New Year decorations. We offer you 3 ideas for New Year's garlands, which you can make yourself from improvised materials: eucalyptus, cones and cookie cutters!

How to make a garland of eucalyptus

Spruce can be found in almost every home. We are looking for more original solutions! Our tip for this winter: eucalyptus. The garland from this unusual plant will become a memorable highlight in your decor. Green leaves and red berries give the plant a truly festive look, and the only thing left for you is to give the branches a garland shape. We will show how to do it.

How to make a garland of cones

Fir and pine cones are elegant New Year decorations, which nature itself inspires us. There are many ideas for decorating with cones: hang them on a Christmas tree, put them under a glass cover, arrange them in a random order on a table or ... make a garland! Watch our video on how to create a simple and stylish garland using fir cones!

DIY Christmas garland made of paper (patterns for cutting)

So, the most accessible material for us is paper. Therefore, we recall childhood and let's go cut, glue and enjoy life. if you have children or younger brothers, sisters, then invite them to participate in this process. It's so interesting!

It is better to take paper of medium density and double-sided. Then the craft will look neater.

So, we will begin with lanterns familiar from childhood.

We will need two details. One is 180 * 120 mm in size and the other is 180 * 100 mm. The larger one is folded in half and on the bend side we make parallel cuts without reaching the edge of 1 cm.

From a smaller strip we make a tube by gluing edges with a size of 100 mm.

And now we wrap the resulting accordion around the tube. We fix the contact points with glue.

Figures connected among themselves are also a very good idea for crafts, at the end of this section, I will give a lot of templates and stencils for cutting.

Such cute penguins and snowmen can be made according to this scheme.

Garland links are connected by threads or wire.

Scheme of Santa Claus.

Another idea is the bonded links with glue. So, the easiest option is from the rings. Everyone did exactly such a thing!

However, if you add imagination and modern materials to this idea, you will get a very stylish decoration.

Often, garlands are created from individual elements and connected only by thread, wire or cord.

Therefore, absolutely any elements of creativity can act in this capacity.

For example, here is a master class for creating cute stars. From a large number of them, you get decoration.

Here is the idea of ​​strip balls.

Still familiar from childhood, the idea of ​​flashlights. Five strips of the same thickness are needed. And along the length they go: 1 strip of 5 cm, 2 strips of 7 cm and 2 strips of 9 cm. Fix the edges with glue or sew together with threads.

You can use different colors and the simplest forms: triangle, rhombuses, squares, cones, etc.

Little kids will love to do such a craft. To do this, take a long strip of colored or corrugated paper. Along its entire length, note strips at a distance of 1 cm from each other. And cut them before reaching the edge of 1 cm. It is important to alternate sides. One cut from the right edge, the second from the left.

Now some ideas for inspiration. For example, I liked these cute snowmen.

And also surprised by the idea of ​​people to hang Christmas trees upside down.

Or that's how interesting they decided to connect the details with the rope. Just tied with ribbons and that's it.

The craftswoman decided to flash these snowflakes on a sewing machine.

Details can be not only flat, but also voluminous. For example, such 3D origami Christmas trees.

Kids will love the idea of ​​a candy garland. By the way, they can be made from real candy wrappers.

And this photo shows a step-by-step master class for creating sweets themselves.

Quite an unusual idea with snowflakes, ballerinas. From them you can make decor on the windows and the Christmas tree. I enclose the templates and the scheme of work.

You can use not only the usual paper, but also newspapers.

Experiment with colors.

sometimes it turns out to create a whole. composition of garland details.

By the way, it can be not only habitually stretched to us, but also hang vertically from the ceiling and look like children's mobiles.

Here is a photo instruction on how to make the simplest garland, having only scissors and a circle of paper.

It is also interesting to make a stretch of fans. You can combine them by color, size and number of rows of elements.

Such a fan can do so. We take a sheet, mark on it stripes with a thickness of 1 cm across the entire width. Then we begin to fold them with an accordion. On the marked lines we bend the sheet in different directions alternately.

We turn the resulting accordion in half.

And connect the two inner edges with double-sided tape.

And now we combine all the details into one.

And if you dream up and use new forms.

Look at the idea of ​​a garland of paper leaves. The main thing is to take winter color options: white, silver, blue, blue and red.

Such a decoration from volumetric balls looks very stylish.

The photo shows the steps of folding such a workpiece.

From an ordinary idea, you can make a magic one by simply adding more unusual solutions. For example, use circles of different colors.

Or sew a garland in five minutes from miniature triangles.

Figures hanging from the ceiling immediately create comfort.

A lot of ideas with snowmen.

Use golden shades to create jewelry, they will decorate any background.

The outlines of houses and tree branches are very memorable in winter. When you walk in the evening sweat the street, and the windows turn on such a cozy and warm yellow light.

What other ideas to take? Yes, let's look around. There are a lot of winter symbols, for example, a hat.

Light bulbs from electric garlands.

Look at the night sky, there are so many distant stars, for some reason in winter they are associated with blue.

What do we expect from the New Year? Of course, gifts. Let us embody this in decoration.

Remember about unusual shapes? So, this instruction shows how to collapse a volumetric rhombus.

This cube is made according to this scheme.

Remember the "snake"? Everyone definitely did it and candy wrappers.

See how a garland of paper circles is sewn.

Or circles can be folded in half and glue the adjacent side.

The following garland is made according to this scheme.

As you can see, this way you can not only glue circles, but also squares, rhombuses.

It seemed unusual to me that volumetric cones are used in suspensions. There you can put sweets.

See what a cute composition for decorating the wall.

Again an idea with a snowman, snowflakes and stars.

Such a “snake” is created from corrugated paper. We cut a strip 2 cm wide along the entire length of the blue roll. Glue a red strip to it perpendicularly. Here is the result.

Some more ideas.

It was unusual to use postcards and photographs in the decoration.

We take different elements: boots, stripes, Christmas trees. All of this will do.

For Christmas trees, you can use different templates.

For example, use this one.

You can connect parts both vertically and horizontally.

You can decorate not only the apartment, but also the street.

We made such snowflakes here.

And these snow balls can be made in five minutes.

For more serious rooms, such as offices, it is better to take rectangular or triangular flags of pleasant colors.

From cupcake molds a wonderful Christmas tree is obtained.

And how do you like a garland of such small voluminous stars? At the same time, immediately, and a master class.

Such figures can be cut out of a paper strip folded many times.

There is a wonderful idea to create an ornament from mittens and mittens.

Use this template for this.

From this Christmas tree, you can make a voluminous detail of a Christmas tree. To do this, translate the scheme and make cuts in straight lines. Then insert the parts into each other.

Now, as promised - a lot of patterns and stencils for cutting.

Well, what next? All these schemes can be transferred not only to paper, but also to fabric, felt.

Garlands in kindergarten for the competition

Before the New Year, parents can receive assignments from kindergarten and school. You need to do a craft for the contest. Often this venture is created so that there is something to decorate the Christmas tree. Well, we don’t mind, we will make a beautiful garland.

To do this, consider several workshops.

So, the first idea, we make light bulbs.

To do this, translate this scheme.

Using a ruler on the blunt side of a knife or scissors, bend the sides of the petals.

Where there is an allowance, apply glue and form the part. In the place where the points are drawn, insert the thread.

Now we make a cartridge for a light bulb from dark cardboard. We turn and glue the strip.

Glue it to the light bulb. We make many such blanks and combine them into one big garland.

By the way, inside you can insert real flashlights.

The second idea for the contest is volumetric balls.

This workshop shows each step in creating items.

The idea of ​​a deer seemed rather unusual to me.

Elements are cut out on this stencil.

Details are interconnected by strips of contrasting color.

This idea is rather complicated. It will be difficult for kids to do it. However, this decoration looks simply gorgeous.

For beauty, you can use the gradient effect. Sort color paper by saturation. From dark to light.

We cut many strips of the same width, form an ornament and fasten it with a stapler and staples.

This option is also quite bold. We will use felt and clothespins. Nothing complicated, but very unusual.

From different shades of felt, we cut out the elements of the Christmas tree and glue them to the clothespin. We connect them with a strong thick thread.

I think that for the sake of the competition, you can get away!

Master classes from felt with patterns

Felt is very popular among craftswomen. I dedicated a separate article to crafts from this material.

So, there will be both complex and easy crafts. Choose the difficulty level for yourself.

So, the first master class. Volumetric ornaments. You will need a square of thin felt, a ruler, scissors and glue. Connect the edges in turn from different sides of the square.

To decorate the children's room, make a garland of mischievous Christmas trees and snowmen.

The templates are shown below. All animals are made according to this scheme: according to the template, 2 pieces are cut out. The mouth, eyes and other details are embroidered on the front side.

The edges are stitched, but one corner remains un sewn. We push the filler into it. And this hole is held together.

The same templates can be used independently.

For garlands, flat felt figures are also used. It is easy to line on a sewing machine. Therefore, more often than not, these soft parts are connected in exactly this way.

You can try to depict a garland in the form of leaves.

To do this, on a long strip of felt, you need to postpone the ornament, which is shown in the lower diagram.

Cut the workpiece and join all the parts into one long stretch.

Another master class on creating decorations for soft snowmen.

Recall that a garland can also hang from top to bottom.

Tilda dolls are popular in Europe. Especially in the Scandinavian countries. We can use this idea in home decoration.

Here is a master class on making a “sweet” garland. There are sweets and candies. It’s just that they can’t be eaten, they are made of fabric.

So sweetie is done.

And so we craft a blank for candy.

You can use real stick from lollipop.

Sisal, cotton or wool balls can also be wrapped in felt.

If you have only one shade, then it can be pasted over with a cloth or multi-colored paper.

Another decoration idea. And here we see clothespins again.

Schemes for this craft a little lower.

You can combine materials. This is how felt and bumps look together.

More ideas for decoration.

Let’s take a closer look at how such Christmas trees work.

This, of course, is only a small part of the ideas. Experiment and create a new decor option.

Jewelry made of plastic bottles and cups

This material is not very popular, but quite easy to use. Most often, cups make plafonds for a garland. It acquires a soft diffused light. And you can decorate them with eyes, hats and scarves.

Of plastic bottles, snowflakes and other individual decorative elements are often made. For example, rings like in this idea.

They can be combined with covers. Holes for the thread in them can be made with a hot knitting needle or awl.

Fabric flags

Flags can be different: square, triangular. Paper and soft. Glued or stitched. Today I will focus on the idea of ​​fabric. Because there are as many as three ways to connect the elements.

Fasten the parts with tape or oblique tape. To do this, you need a sewing machine. Otherwise, it will not work out neatly.

The second option is to sew pockets for